Your local West Sacramento dismantling company.

We specialize in dismantling vehicles, parts, and cars that can be repaired to roadworthy conditions.
If we have the car, we can pull the part, be it a hose or a gasket.
Find out if we have the parts you need, or a car you would like to purchase below.

We specialize in parts from the year 2000 onward on most makes and models, primarily 2010-2016.
If we have a part from before 2000, we will sell it from $30 (doors, panel, etc).
Our core charge is $50

Some of the cars on our lot can be restored, and our partner shops are happy to give you an estimate.

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Repairable Cars

Cars for Pulling Parts

Shop estimates can be given by California Auto Repair Center,
our partner shop in Sacramento. Visit their website for more info.